Animal Daycare & Boarding specializes in providing your dog Freedom, Fun and Exercise! 

Our dog boarding services differ than other places in town because instead of sitting in a kennel, dogs here get Freedom, Fun & Exercise!  ALL day dogs are out playing and having fun with the other dogs, not just for a few minutes like the other places.  We are different because we are smaller, we run our business out of our home, we are here 24/7, so your dogs are not alone all night with no one on site if there is an emergency.  Here at Animal Daycare & Boarding (AD&B) dogs have a large indoor and outdoor space and are free to run back and forth so they are not forced to have to go to the bathroom inside and confuse their potty training.  We specialize our care for dogs by bringing dogs who favor people into our home and keeping dogs with special needs away from the larger dog pack and their space.  We are different than the other places in town, we are better, we are running the best business possible, offering your dog and pets the care we want for our loved pets.

Look around town, tour all the places and you will see we offer the best facility, the best care and at the lowest price because our first priority is the pets we care for and our second is to run a business we are proud of.  We love Animal Daycare & Boarding, it is our life’s work and we want to share it with you.  Please come visit us, so you can see for yourself how we are set up and how we care for your pet and give your dog Freedom, Fun & Exercise!

DogHatchers_Pass_Sept_2009_003Please let me introduce ourselves.  I'm April Warwick and my partner is William Smith.  I've lived in Alaska all of my life; William has been here since 1974.  We both have always enjoyed animals.  I consider myself an Animal Advocate in that I work to better the lives of animals.  Over the years I have rescued: dogs, cats, a green-wing macaw, a blue and gold macaw, a box turtle, and a snapping turtle.  William grew up on a farm & has experience raising horses, cows, pigs, possums, pigeons, dogs, & cats.  We are are natural animal lovers and have years of experience working with animals.  Animal Daycare & Boarding has been a dream of mine for a long time; we started making it come true in late 2006 and opened in January 2007.  We have taken dog training classes and are Red Cross Canine CPR and First Aid certified. 


 AD&B provides your pet a home away from home; we want your pet to enjoy his or her time here; so we play, pet and exercise your dog.  You  can leave your pet with Animal Daycare & Boarding and be assured that he or she is getting the best care possible.


DAYCARE:  Provides 12 hour care for dogs; while you are at work or away for the day, you can know all of your dog's needs are being met.

BOARDING:  Provides 24 hour care to your dog and other pets while you are on vacation or out-of-town.


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