Our goal with Animal Daycare & Boarding is to provide the best care possible to the dogs and the other pets that spend time here.  Meeting your pets needs is the most important goal and we full-fill it by focusing on our motto of providing freedom, fun and exercise.

We provide a safe, clean, environment where dogs have the freedom to choose to be inside or outside with the use of a dog door between a large indoor area with a heated floor and a large fenced back yard to play in.  Dogs are free to pick where they sleep and who they play with.   It is all about the dogs and keeping them happy.
We make it fun!  We enjoy playing fetch and tug-a-war with the dogs; we take them on walks through the neighborhood.  We pet and talk to them.  We welcome dogs who want to sit in our lap and not only the smaller breeds!  We have a big sandbox for the dogs to dig in, a tunnel to run through, a large hoop to jump thru, a fire hydrant to pee on and a wading pool to splash in.  

We know how exercise benefits dogs and their owners.  Dogs that are not getting enough exercise are much more prone to getting into trouble or developing unwanted behaviors.  We keep the peace by exercising dogs.  The dog treadmill is the answer for meeting dog's exercise needs because it gets them walking, jogging or running.

As a result, a high percentage of the business is from repeat customers and referrals.  We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust to care for your pet.

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