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Please bring in your dog’s vaccination records we require your dog to be current on Rabies, Parvo & Distemper.  We recommend, but do not require, Bordetella and a monthly preventative for canine lice.  It is the customer's responsibility to keep their dog's vaccinations current. 

Please bring in food for your dog and if needed medications; we have the dog beds and bowls.

Animal Daycare & Boarding has a very open environment.  The risks in this environment are:

Dogs Bite.  They mouth and bite each other all day long.  Some bites are light enough and they have no effect; other bites cause injury and may get infected.  When they fight it is easy to know of their injuries.  When they are playing and one of them is biting too hard, we may easily never know.  When we know a dog has a dog bite we look him or her over & determine if a vet visit is needed, if not, we clean the wound & keep an eye on it, until it heals.  Please do not blame us for dog bites, we never bite!!

Dogs bring in all sorts of unwanted things into AD&B -  like: germs, bacteria, viruses, canine lice, colds, kennel cough, & eye infections.  Like a child at school; dogs in public places like doggie daycare, dog parks & boarding places are exposed to more. 

As of January 1, 2015 we will be closed on weekends and will no longer schedule for pets to be dropped off or picked up on Saturday's or Sunday's.  

If your schedule for drop-off or pick-up changes, if you are not coming in for daycare, or if your plans changed and you no longer need our boarding services please give us a call at 338-7777 and let us know.

Method of Payment we accept is: Cash & local checks, we do not accept credit cards.
AD&B provides dog toys, bones, and treats.  Some dogs will hoard toys or fight over treats.  So dogs only receive these items in a kennel so it does not create a reason for problems. 

Holidays are usually a very busy period for dog boarding.  Most daycare dogs are at home on the holidays.  If you need daycare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years please let us know in advance.

Daycare service paid by the month is due within the month the service is provided.  Service does not extend beyond the month.  Vacations, holidays, or stay at home days do not reduce the cost for daycare paid by the month.  Part-time Daycare service should be paid within the month the service was provided.  

AD&B works to provide your dog freedom, fun and exercise.  Your dogs safety, health, and well-being are very important to us.


February 28, 2014



Dear Valued Customer:


We have been working hard on making improvements to Animal Daycare and Boarding.  It is important to us that we provide your dog a healthy environment as well as freedom, fun and exercise.  So when we were told one of our dogs had canine lice we were shocked.  We cleaned and cleaned some more.  Then another dog got it; even with our extra cleaning and sanitizing, canine lice was still a problem.  So I went to the internet and I called my veterinarian and I learned this:   


·     Years ago canine lice was nearly unheard of but with the increase of dogs socializing in dog parks, dog show events and doggie daycares canine lice infestations are now common place.

·     Canine lice are parasites, they are flat, gray & wingless, they are small but you can see them, they move slowly. Push the dog’s fur out of the way to look for them; they attach themselves to the skin.  Groomers are often the ones to discover the lice when using a high-powered blow dryer. 

·      Canine lice live only on dogs and cannot infect you, your family, or pets other than dogs; but spread from dog to dog.

·     Excess scratching &/or chewing on themselves that results in bald spots may be caused by canine lice; it is uncomfortable for the dog & should be treated right away.

·     The best way to treat canine lice is to take your dog to your veterinarian, bathe your dog with a pyrethrin medicated shampoo & thoroughly clean your dog’s environment.  

·     To prevent canine lice have your dog receive a monthly preventative that can be given orally or topically.  Contact your veterinarian about using Frontline, Advantiks, Advantage, or Revolution as a preventative measure.

we are not aware of any of the dogs having canine lice.  If and when we find a dog that has canine lice, we will notify the dog’s owner and ask that the dog not attend daycare until he or she has been treated.  Please keep an eye out for these pesky parasites, as we will, and together we can keep the dogs we love free of canine lice.  

For more information on canine lice please visit these websites: or or

April Warwick

Animal Daycare & Boarding

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